Academic works

bild_2392.jpgDuring my years at the Aix-Marseille university, I had the opportunity to be part of the publishing board of Les Chantiers de la Création. This is an online annual publication of scientific papers, in the fields of linguistics, art, and philosophy.

One of my active take at this work was the interview in 2014 of my own composition teacher, Régis Campo, along with Jean-Michel Denizard, whom I had the pleasure to meet again (this time as his student !) at SATIS:

Another publication the very same year, the analysis of Makis Solomos’ book “De la musique au son” :

Here is the pdf of my master thesis on open world video games music. It’s a work I’m very proud of, and I hope it could be of some interest for anyone eager to learn about how video game music is made :